Lars Andersson

Carried in just a handful of top stores, Lars Andersson's collection of urban knitwear combines old Swedish traditions of knitting with an industrial urban look. Andersson was born in Lindesberg, Sweden, a place he describes as "very dark, not fancy." The minimal environment of the Swedish countryside, the pitch-black of the forest, deep greens of the mosses and pine trees, and grays of the stones, influence his color palette.

Andersson moved to NYC to study at FIT and continues to live and be inspired by the city. Urban touches such as angled hems and inverted seams add edge to his soft knits. His clothes aren't made in a factory. "Me and my knitters, we're five people working. We work with machines, but it's still hand made," say Andersson. The result: spare, sleek, luxe pieces with a body-hugging fit. We can't say enough great things about this new line!

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